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Hyper realistic creations, whether it be Stone, Wood, Biology require a certain blend of materials at a specific mixture ratio. Rocksculptor LLC and Trinic LLC joined forces to create a system aimed at improving the vertical concrete market. Making a mixture suitable for durable vertical work can be costly and can require multiple ingredients which can make for a challenging situation to whomever is mixing it. Scales, scoopers, buckets, opened bag goods can create an environment filled with errors leading to reduced profits and productivity. We wanted to solve this potential pitfall by adding the convenience of a “one shot” dosage for vertical mixes. Secondly, not all replications require the same texture. Having the ability to adjust the dosage range without adverse reactions is a game changer! Simulated wood grain requires a different ratio of sand and cement than lets say a decomposing granite texture so having the ability to “season to taste” is paramount for achieving realism.

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